Innovation as road to competitiveness

The future of coal, customers of energy companies, electric vehicles, ways of financing investment and cooperation with universities – these topics were discussed on the second day of the Energi@21 Congress in Poznan. czytaj więcej


Energy sector needs innovation and stability

The Energi@21 Congress was opened by Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski, along with Presidents Miroslaw Kowalik from Enea and Henryk Baranowski from PKEE Polish Electricity Association. During the five discussion panels there were talks on conditions and directions of development for the energy sector. czytaj więcej


Congress photographs

Photos from the Congress will be published at czytaj więcej


Wojciech Jakóbik – preview

Wojciech Jakóbik is Editor-In-Chief of the portal and an expert at Jagiellonian Institute. He deals with energy security. He also writes about international relations and cyberspace. He will host the panel ‘Coal and RES after COP21’. czytaj więcej


Energi@21 – how to find us?

How to find the congress?

Below you will find a map with the Energy Future Week events, including Energi@21. czytaj więcej


Prof. Tadeusz Skoczkowski – preview

Professor Tadeusz Skoczkowski is Head of Rational Use of Energy at the Institute of Heat Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology. He will take part in Tuesday’s panel devoted to the impact of climate policy on energy utilities. czytaj więcej


Who attends Energi@21 Congress

What accounts for the strength of Energi@21 is its speakers. Tens of energy experts representing over a dozen countries have arranged to come to Poznan for the event. It is thanks to them that the second edition will be unique and exceptional. Let us have a look at who confirmed their attendance at the Energi@21 Congress. czytaj więcej


Fridrik Larsen – preview

On the congress’s YouTube channel you can find previews of this year’s sessions #Energy21Poznan. These short films, providing a glimpse into the subjects of particular discussion panels, have been recorded by our speakers both from Poland and abroad. czytaj więcej


Energi@21 – congress with a difference

The Energi@21 congress, which will begin in Poznań on May 10th, stands out among similar events: thanks to dozens of speakers from all over the world it has the advantage of being international. The formula of the event encourages in-depth discussions between professionals and key figures from the energy industry. czytaj więcej

Kongres Energi@21

Energy security at Energi@21

Energy security is one of the issues to be covered during the Energi@21 Congress. It will be discussed during the panel: Energy security and solidarity in the region: merge, but what for? czytaj więcej


When the power is down – panel preview

One of the issues to be covered at the Energi@21 Congress is electricity deficit, which will be discussed during the panel: When the power is down. Energy sector, industrial energy users and demand aggregators. czytaj więcej


What is the future of the power industry? International experts in Poznań for the 2nd time.

Welcome the second edition of Energi@21 Congress. Last year’s event brought together leading energy experts from around the world. This year they will gather again and rise to the current challenges which energy utilities may face. We have now begun the process of approving the applications from journalists wanting to participate. czytaj więcej


Registration is open, submit your entry!

The registration process for the participants has now been launched. The number of places is limited. We advise that you make your booking as soon as possible.

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Energi@21 in the eye of the camera

For two days Poznań hosted outstanding energy experts who discussed the challenges ahead and the upcoming energy transformation. The leading theme was innovation as the foundation of the industry’s future.

Here is the report from the Energi@21 Congress.
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Awards for young innovators

An energetically self-sufficient dairy? Yes, it is possible and profitable. So claim the winners of “Future with energy, energy with future”, a students’ competition which accompanied the Energi@21 Congress. The project by students Veronika Andrzejewska and Kamil Kozłowski from the Poznań University of Life Sciences shows an innovative way to produce energy from hydrogen and biogas in modern dairies. The contest, which was held by the Polish Electricity Association and Enea, had 39 participants. czytaj więcej


Energi@21 Video Feature

During the two days of the congress eminent experts, practitioners and researchers talked about the challenges facing the energy industry. They discussed e.g. issues of innovation, competitiveness and cooperation with academic environments. czytaj więcej



On behalf of Enea, the host of the congress, and PKEE and MTP, its organizers, we would like to thank our partners, speakers and participants of the first edition of Energi@21 for creating a professional forum for discussion about the future of the Polish energy sector. See you in 2016!


Poznan energy debates inspire the energy World run by American Enterprise Institute published a post written by Mark Jamison (PURC) referring directly to his speech at Energi@21. Linking the congress, dr. Jamison wrote about his concept of three types of innovations that he presented in Poznan.

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Taming the language of innovation

How to make the Polish energy sector more innovative? The debate on the issue ended the Poznań meeting of professionals in the energy sector – Energi@21. It was preceded with six discussion panels devoted to branding, consumers and changes in the energy market. czytaj więcej


Poznań – the heart of the Polish energy sector

Over forty specialists from Poland and abroad came to Poznań today. Together, they search for answers to the most current questions relating to the future of the energy sector. The first day of the International Scientific and Industrial Congress Energi@21 is behind us. czytaj więcej


(Polski) Kongres Energi@21 na YouTube

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(Polski) Forum InnoPower

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(Polski) Seminarium “Sieci energetyczne – nowa regulacja”

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World-renowned specialists coming soon to Poznań

Experts from Italy, Belgium, the United States, France, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Lithuania are arriving in Poznan in a month in order to jointly discuss the future of the power sector. In total, organizers expect 42 specialists from Poland and abroad. Here are some of the guests to the Energi@21Congress.

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International Energy Congress in Poznan to begin in a month

Global trends in the energy sector, innovation, challenges and energy security are just a few of the topics which the visitors to the Energi@21 Congress are going to face. Professionals, hands-on practitioners, economists and scientists both from Poland and abroad are meeting in Poznan in late May. Together they will seek answers to the most topical questions about the future of the energy industry. We have begun the process of approving the applications of journalists wanting to participate in the Congress.

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Multi-utility – strategy for new times

The basic product attracts customers, because it satisfies their main need. But only additions make it possible to earn. This is the key to understanding the adjustments being made in the offers of telecommunication companies, banks as well as energy companies.

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Impatient, conscious, demanding. What is the consumer of the 21st century like?

Gaining and maintaining a client is the core of entrepreneurship. Energy companies are no exception. How to cope with growing expectations and pressure from the service recipients? This is the topic of the panel ‘The consumer of the 21st century.”

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