The energy industry is changing before our very eyes
Some notions and mindsets are becoming a thing of the past

Here and now, a revolution is taking place

  • What challenges for energy companies does the future hold?
  • What expectations will their future customers have?
  • Which worldwide trends will be adapted in Poland?
  • Finally, how to get ready to face this new situation?

These issues must be dealt with by the people involved in the Polish energy sector. We believe that the time to confront them is right now.

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In order to complete this task, we have invited the most disitnguished scientists and specialists from home and abroad. They have found the hottest topics for their lectures, panels and workshops. We have received the support of illustrious individuals, companies and institutions. And thus, we have organized one of the most significant events for the energy industry in 2015.

The Energi@21 conference is a platform for practitioners, experts and scientists, where all of them can discuss the development and implementation of innovative solutions based on science-business cooperation. Certain areas of this cooperation will already be initiated.


Energi@21 are eminent experts from Poland, Europe and the United States:

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Energy21 2016 - Jakóbik o przyszłości energetyki

Energy21 2016 - Tadeusz Skoczkowski o wpływie polityki...

Energy21 - Hans ten Berge about architecture for the electricity ...

Energy21 2016 - Kury about integration of innovations

Energy21 2016 - Larsen about changes in the energy industry

Energy21 2015 - Reportaż z Kongresu

Energy21 2015 - Wywiad z Dariuszem Luberą

Energy21 2015 - Wywiad z Arturem Stawiarskim

Energy21 2015 - Interview with Karsten Neuhoff

Energy21 2015 - Interview with John Sinner

Energy21 2015 - Wywiad z Mariuszem Sworą

Energy21 2015 - Interview with Jean-Arnold Vinois

Energy21 2015 - Interview with Peter Fox Penner

Energy21 2015 - Interview with Stathis Peteves

Energy21 2015 - Ute Dubois about new challenges for

Energy21 2015 - F. Larsen about energy companies marketing

Energy21 2015 - Mark Jamison talks about energy utility

Energy21 2015 - Iana Dreyer talks about energy security


Innovation as road to competitiveness

Innovation as road to competitiveness

The future of coal, customers of energy companies, electric vehicles, ways of financing investment and cooperation with universities – these topics were discussed on the second day of the Energi@21 Congress in Poznan.

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Energy sector needs innovation and stability

Energy sector needs innovation and stability

The Energi@21 Congress was opened by Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski, along with Presidents Miroslaw Kowalik from Enea and Henryk Baranowski from PKEE Polish Electricity Association. During the five discussion panels there were talks on conditions and directions of development for the energy sector.

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